Leadership is a 

Way of Life

Leadership is a Way of Life.

About Us

Our Mission

We are committed to offering affordable and accessible integrative educational opportunities to develop the leadership capacities of all people to make a difference in their communities.

Our Principle of Practice

We approach our work with integrity in all that we do in an effort to create an environment of collaborative and transformative learning through innovative programs and partnerships with the community.

Our Values

Social Justice: Supporting equity for all people 
Service: Serving the community and empowering others to do so
Experiential Education: Learning by doing
Sustainability: Being responsible stewards of our environment
Personal Development: Developing and using knowledge and skills to enhance self and others

Our Vision

We at the Sonoran Center for Leadership Development strive to enhance the community by developing and empowering individuals and groups to engage in leadership. We will do this through our commitment to people, programs, place, process, and product.

People are at the core of what we do.

We aim to provide transformative experiences so our participants develop a greater sense of self, a realization of their potential and the potential of others, new leadership competencies, and a motivation to engage in leadership that positively contributes to the community and its members. Our commitment is to serve all who want leadership development, however we aim to focus on developing leadership capacities of underserved and underrepresented populations.

Our diverse array of programs are the vehicle in which we create transformative experiences.

We aim to offer affordable and accessible comprehensive leadership programs to enhance every person who participates. Our primary commitment is to offer credit based and non-credit based leadership courses and institutes to guide participants through a long-term or more intensive process of development. One-time pre-designed and custom-designed leadership workshops on a variety of topics will also be offered.

We believe in creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming to support the work that we do.

We aim to offer a space where individuals feel welcome and safe to explore their own leadership development. This place will be accessible and central within Tucson and will be large enough to house classrooms, offices, and a high and low ropes challenge course. Our commitment is to utilize free community spaces until a space that meets our needs comes available.

We believe that the process of leadership development is one of partnership, collaboration, and learning.

Our aim is to develop a strong volunteer base of qualified, diverse leadership educators who can facilitate programs as well as strong partnerships with other organizations who can provide what we cannot. Our commitment is to cultivate strong networks with community members so as to always offer the highest quality leadership development opportunities, alone or in partnership.

We ascribe to the concept of social entrepreneurship and understand that being entrepreneurial fulfills our commitment to be affordable.

We aim to engage in entrepreneurial activities that generate revenue for the organization to subsidize leadership program costs for participants. Our commitment is to engage in entrepreneurship in ways that do not detract from the primary reason for our existence, leadership development, and serves as a financial support to the work we do.

Our History

The Sonoran Center for Leadership Development is a non-profit organization which began offering leadership workshops and retreats in 2008 to serve the greater Southern Arizona region.

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